The National Housing Stokvel Company (NHSC) is a (Pty) Ltd. company registered under the Companies Act of 2008. It draws great inspiration from the age-old stokvel saving mechanism.

The NHSC, had very humble beginnings as it was incepted as a grocery stokvel… the need for housing however was much more pressing.

Thus began  a long  and arduous journey to develop the concept to its present form… and still the journey continues as it plots a course in “unchartered waters” so to speak.

Today the NHSC, does not look nor operate as your average stokvel, but we have kept the name…to encourage the masses to keep fighting the good fight. Change comes through perseverance, hard work and use of plain common sense…

Therefore we were never afraid to take the natural leaps to develop our modus operandi to suite our members… hence the membership based, for benefit company.

The company has four foci/ areas
  • Membership Engagement

As a membership organization, we strive to create benefits that result in altering/ massive savings for our members… our flagship benefit is the 0% interest free loan.

  • Housing Developments

It is the intent of the NHSC to develop, partner or influence housing developments.

Currently the NHSC is busy exploring various housing development opportunities.

  • Appropriation 

The term refers to the exchange that happens between the NHSC and its members.

Terms and Conditions apply to Appropriation and therefore it is handled by highly trained staff  to explain the legalities, as and when needed.

  • Social Impact
 Social Impact refers to the NHSC’s initiatives to:
  1.  Create jobs
  2. Reduce Carbon footprint
  3. Create a more just society
  4. Improve quality of live for all

What is a Stokvel?

A savings or investment society (group and/or association) to which members regularly contribute an agreed amount. Most stokvels operate informally and normally operates for a specific period or until the objective of the members had been achieved.

Why a Stokvel?

The methodology of the stokvel had always appealed to the founder of the company. Stokvels were used during the Apartheid era by South Africans to solve a host of problems as well as to provide capital.

The savings mechanism flourished under Apartheid as many South Africans practiced Ubuntu (Harmonium) and used the common purpose objective to improve their lot.
Therefore it is obvious with a housing crisis, that a housing stokvel should be encouraged to assist South Africans in changing their lives and improving their destiny.