About us

The NHSC is a membership based, social enterprise that, operates as a For benefit organization … drawing greatly on the Stokvel for inspiration.
The NHSC is in many aspects, quite unique in its approach, in doing its bit to solve the housing crisis. Our fresh, innovative  approach is the hallmark of the web -based company. We are a people- centred company that is driven to empower more people with the satisfaction of owning their own home.
Together  We Can! is not just a slogan for us, it is part of the ethos that defines… hence we have developed a unique system that caters for the poor and marginalized. Most people think that we are crazy when we say that our members do not pay interest… we want to BAN the word.
It should be mentioned that we are not a bank, nor do we intend to start and/ or operate a bank (for now anyway).  We just have a passion for being the catalyst in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.
We want to see change, we want to see vibrant communities that are thriving and not dying, prosperous and not living in abject poverty…. we want to give them hope…..
We believe that by working together, collectively for the same common goal, that anything is possible, including our zero percent- interest free (0%) loans to members.
 squatter1 squatter
  We believe in them, not just to go “Ag shame” but to, try our utmost in ensuring that they don’t just have  the right to dream,  but the privilige of living the dream.
Together we can improve their lot, as well as the lot of others… we firmly believe that everyone should have a house to call home.
Sentimental… Whack jobs… Oversensitive… maybe???
Why should anyone suffer and why can’t we help?
Our philosophy is that we are here to help one another and together we can, together we build, together we prosper…