What we do????

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 Membership Engagement

The term membership engagement refers to the goods and services the NHSC offers to current, paid up (active) members.

These services include, but are not limited:

  • Death/ Funeral Benefits
  • Savings on Insurance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Discounts/ Loyalty incentives
  • 0% (ZERO PERCENT) Interest free “home loan” under our housing assistance programme.


Share Option Scheme

Our Share Option Scheme (SOS) is only available to members that had been active for six months or more… that simply means that a member(s) can only request to buy shares after six months of active membership

The member after contacting us via email, whatsapp, sms or call centre, applies in writing to buy shares under the SOS scheme

Shares are sold a minimum of Hundred (100) in multiples of a 100, e.g. (200,300 or 500, etc).

Shares are sold monthly for a term duration of 36 to 120 months (3 to 10 years)

A member qualifies for Allocation, after 36 months of actively participating in our SOS, subject to certain terms and conditions.



The NHSC will always strive to offer its members, sound financial products that aim to ensure peace of mind, comfort and effective financial planning.

Housing Developments

The NHSC will directly or indirectly strive to influence housing developments.

The NHSC will directly construct its own housing developments or via partners or construction finance seeks to address the housing backlog.


Currently the NHSC has no Rental Stock available!